Why Taking Care Of Our Feet And Shoes Is Important

Whether you’re a man or a woman one of the most neglected parts of our body is our feet. We cram them into shoes that don’t fit us properly, or weren’t designed to properly support our foot. At the end of the day when we finally take our shoes off, we often let out a sign of relief as our feet are released from the torture devices that are our shoes. By taking better care of our feet, and the shoes we wear on them we can minimize the pain felt not only in our feet, but elsewhere in our bodies. หาคนดูแล

There are many nerve endings in our feet that travel up the length of our legs and connect to our lower spinal cord. In fact, many of the nerve endings in our feet stem from the sciatic nerve which is the largest and longest nerve in the body. The feet also have a branch nerve from the femoral nerve. With so many never endings found in the feet, it is no wonder why foot related issues have been known to cause pain throughout the body, especially lower back pain. In fact reflexology believes that there is a pressure point in your foot that correlates to the majority of your body, including all your major organs. So if our feet are connected so interconnected with the rest of our body, why don’t we take better care of our feet?

Vanity, we like our shoes. So if we’re going to continue to wear shoes that hurt our feet, we need to make sure we not only take measures to protect and take care of our feet more, but we need to take care of our shoes as well. Buy shoes that support and cushion your feet. Quality shoes designers will have more padding and support in their shoes than the typical mass produced shoes. As a result, it is usually better to buy the more expensive, higher quality shoes rather than the cheaper mass produced shoes. This might diminish your shoe collection, but your feet will be happier in the long run. If you refuse to give up your shoe collection, than you need to make sure you stretch and soak the muscles in your feet and legs to make sure you’re not shortening them unnaturally or causing any other damage.

When it comes to your shoes you also need to take care of the soles. The soles and heels of your shoes are extremely important to take care of because worn soles and heels change our ability to balance properly in our shoes. If we’re not balanced when we walk, we run the risk of causing more damage not only to our feet, but to the rest of our body. We can even throw our hips out of alignment if we’re not balanced properly. So by taking care of our feet and shoes by spending a little time stretching and soaking our feet every day, and taking our shoes to be repaired we could save ourselves pain (both literally and figuratively) in the future.