Where To Find Cheap Used Vending Machines

The vending machine business can be a profitable one, more so if you can start with a small capital. By starting with less capital, you can begin earning profit sooner. One way to start a vending business on the cheap is by buying used vending machines. New machines can be quite expensive and can raise the capital you need to start a vending business. Buying second-hand units can help you get started in your own business with less money out from your pocket. Here are some tips on how to find cheap second-hand machines:

1. Before buying cheap machines, think about what you want to sell first. The machines you will need may differ depending on the items you want to sell. Some machines also sell for more. Used table top gum machines will definitely cost less than a stand up coffee vending machine. Find out what customers will want to buy from your machines first and what kind of machines you can afford to buy.

2. When you know what kind of vending units you need, start searching for them. Check classified ads in the newspaper. When you find cheap used vending machines that you like, find out where they are and if you will have to pick them up, Maybe the owner will be willing to deliver them to your place. If you have to go pick them up consider the expense for gas or hiring a truck to get them. It might be more practical to get machines from a nearby source even if they are slightly more expensive. vending machine manufacturers

3. If you can’t find cheap used vending machines in classified ads, search the net. You might want to surf on auction sites like eBay or Craigslist. Take note of the location of the seller, you might waste time bidding or inquiring with sellers too far from your town. It may be too expensive to ship machines if they live too far away. Aside from checking the bid price, double-check delivery or shipping charges too. Some auction sellers pad shipping fees and you shouldn’t pay more than what it really costs.

4. Call or visit local stores that have vending facilities. They know the owner of the vending business, get their phone numbers from them. Call the owner and ask if they have any surplus vending units they want to dispose of. Some machines may also have a 1-800 number on them, try calling that too to inquire about second-hand machines other business owners might want to sell.

5. Call vending associations, they should have a list of vending machine business owners or even have a list of second-hand units for sale. Look for the cheapest machines but also make sure that you are buying working machines with spare parts still available. While you are inquiring about buying machines, you should also consider joining their organization.

6. One more way to find cheap machines is by calling vending machine dealers. They may be trying to get rid of old machines in stock to make room for newer units. They may even offer brand new machines for the price of used vending machines. Keeping machines in inventory for too long is also expensive for them. Of course dealers will always want to display newer models in their store.