Stop Smoking

Smoking tobacco is an age-old practice. The act of tobacco smoking involves burning tobacco leaves, dried or cured and inhaling the smoke. The reason for smoking may be anything from pleasure sake to self-medication to social or ritual purpose and to a form of addiction. The tobacco smoke is inhaled through many forms like cigarettes, cigar, pipe, bidi and hookah.


Cigarettes are the most common form used for smoking. It consists of a paper rolled in to a cylindrical shape, the inside of which is stuffed with tobacco leaves. Modern day cigarettes have different type of tobacco leaves stuffed into it and in addition to that come with a filter at one end.


The cigars come in different shape. They have cylinder of tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves. Cuban cigars are still world famous for their quality.


Pipes are different from cigarettes and cigars in that they have a small chamber for combustion purpose and a small stem that ends in a mouthpiece for inhaling. Pipes are made of different materials like clay, wood etc.


Hookahs, also called sheeshas, are water pipes working on water-filtration method. They are indirectly heated; Hookahs are more used for smoking hashish or opium.  cheap bongs

The effect of smoking in any form is not good for health. Nicotine, an addictive stimulant is found in the tobacco smoke. Though the initial effect of nicotine on the beginners and irregular or first time users is one of increasing alertness and memory with mild euphoria, its long term effects on the chronic users are not encouraging. Regular smoking results in confusion, insomnia, restlessness, metabolic disorder, appetite suppression etc. It has been established after prolonged medical research that lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc., are the results of consistence smoking. The negative effects of smoking, proved after many tests and analysis of results have strongly led to the formation of a strong lobby for anti-smoking. This group persuades smokers to quit smoking to stay fit in their life. According to the antagonists of smoking, the non-smokers are subjected to passive smoking, which is equally dangerous because the smoke coming out of the cigars etc is being inhaled by the non-smokers.

Hypnosis is the state of deep sleep in which the sleeping person is controlled by another person. Using hypnosis, a smoker is made to quit the habit. Normally, a habitual smoker retires to bed with a vow not to smoke from the next day. But the very first thing he does after getting up in the morning is to light his cigarette. Because, people do not have that much of conviction in their ability to discard their habit. Under hypnosis, new and positive thoughts are pushed into your subconscious mind, making it easy for you to quit the habit. Though the subject of hypnotism itself is very controversial, it has cured many people of smoking ailment.

The habit of smoking is wide prevalent with younger generation being enticed into this bad practice. People, afflicted with this, find it very difficult to give it up. The degree of binding they have with the smoking becomes so strong that they are unable to break it. We see smokers admitting that they smoke heavily but unable to come out of that. But considering the serious health effects to which the smokers are exposed, that may cost their lives, they had better stop smoking today itself, without any postponements.

Lung Detox Program involves cleaning lungs. Actually, the lungs of a smoker get charred and become black with each smoke. The smoker may be under the impression that he blows out the maximum smoke and inhale less. But, the fact remains that 90% of the smoke get into the body and only 10% is exhaled. The residue of nicotine and tar gets deposited on the lungs, which make the lungs become black. It has been found that lungs which were spoilt by one year smoking require 15 smoke-free years to get back to its original colour. For people waiting for 15 years will be very difficult. Here, the Lung Detox programs [] come to the rescue of all.

Smoking habit is very difficult to give up. Rather than the legislation and compulsion, it is the education of evil effects of smoking, associated with emotional attachments that will bring the change. For more details about stopping smoking habits, please log into []. Let us join to make a smokeless universe.