How To Choose The Best Granite Countertop For Your Kitchen

The reason as to why most people go for granite countertop is because its durable and cannot be scratched easily since its made out of a natural rock. Another reason is it can raise the value of your house in the market especially if you want to sell it. Granite is low maintenance and you only need to seal it once a year, the only thing you need to do wipe it with water and a stone cleaner regularly. There are different types of granite countertops in different sizes, colors and pattern that will make your kitchen beautiful and reflect on your personal taste and preferences.

You need to select carefully and here are some of the things that you have to put into consideration before you select the granite countertop. The color of the countertop is the most important aspect to consider because you want a color that will work with your cabinet, the floor and other home appliances. To help you decide which is the best color you can order a few samples to take home which you can use to match with the interior of your house but if you are lost for color it’s better to go for neutral colors. You want a color that brings out warmth and a note of welcome to anyone who visits. The trendy colors may be very appealing but since the granite countertop lasts for a very long time the trendy color may lose its popularity. The color of the granite countertop should blend smoothly and not make anything look out of place, for instance if you do not have a lot of natural light in your kitchen it’s better to choose a lighter color that will lighten up your kitchen. There are people who love the dark colors like dark brown or grey but this colors tend to make a room appear smaller and you might need more light in the room. When it comes to the color of the granite countertop the ultimate choice will depend on you. granite countertops near me

Another factor you need to consider when choosing the best granite countertop is the price, which depends on the quality and the patterning of the countertop. Before you go out shopping for this countertop it’s better to have set a budget which means you will only concentrate on the granite countertops which falls under that price margin. Take your time to compare the prices from different stores once you have identified the granite countertop you want to purchase. Different stores offers very competitive rates so go for the one that gives the best deal that saves you money and at the same time give you quality countertop. Another factor that may influence the price is the fabricating companies which differs in the profit margin, go for reputable fabrication companies which offers you a good price and quality granite slabs for your countertop. The granite countertops sold in America comes from different parts of the world like China, Brazil or Italy and each country’s granite is of different quality.

When choosing a granite countertop you may want to consider the thickness of the granite slab, there are two standard thickness that is ¾ and 1¼ the thicker granite countertop will cost you more but it will stronger while the thinner ones will require lots of support for the overhangs. You can select the type of edge you want, there are many different types of edges and each has an impact of the appearance of the countertop. Just to name a few there is the, ogee, bullnose, beveled edge, chiseled edge and the rolled edge. Most people prefer the rolled edge because its polished, eased and beautiful to look at. The only way you can select the best granite is if you do it in person and not from images from the internet or magazines because you need to get the finer details in the variations available.