Having A Tough Time Leaving Smoking Behind? Try Out These Tips!

The Smokers List

Why should smokers, stop smoking? It seems an obvious question, but it is a good idea before embarking on the stop smoking process to list the benefits and advantages of becoming a non-smoker. The list should be committed to paper and kept close by and taken out and scrutinised whenever nicotine cravings seem overwhelming. It does no harm to be reminded why you are trying to quit this deplorable habit. So here goes my own personal list which provided comfort when I gave up smoking and helped to steady my resolve when about to succumb to the deadly foe- nicotine addiction.

Smoking And Disease

The health question: Yes, smoking is bad for your health. The diseases associated with smoking tobacco make for a long list. Smoking and the associated cancer risk is well recognised by the medical authorities and all but the most optimistic of smokers. Most people when they think of smoking and cancer automatically think of lung cancer. But there are a host of other cancers that have been linked to smoking, including pancreatic and breast cancer. There is no surprise that smoking causes lung disease. The chemicals in smoke actively damage sensitive lung tissue. The end result of this damage is a nasty condition called emphysema. Emphysema is a disease which progressively destroys lung tissue; sufferers find it hard to draw breath. The disease is insidious and initially sufferers may be unaware of their condition. Smoking is a significant risk factor in developing heart disease. Smoking causes atherosclerosis which is a fancy medical term for a fatty build up in the arteries. If the fatty build up occurs in the blood vessels supplying the heart these vessels may become blocked resulting in a heart attack. Blood vessels affected elsewhere in the body can lead to stroke, blindness and gangrene. Well, if that list of smoking related diseases doesn’t make you stop smoking, I don’t know what will. And remember; when you stop smoking the relative risk of these diseases begin to decline. 100ml eliquid

Money Up In Smoke

Smoking is an expensive habit. In hard financial times finding the money to buy cigarettes can be a problem. Sadly, many smokers will go without essentials in order to fund their addiction. Saving money is often a big incentive to stop smoking and it is surprising how it all adds up. After a year you are looking at serious money. Put the money into a separate bank account so it doesn’t get spent on other things- call it your stop smoking fund. At the end of the year treat yourself to a fun holiday. As I recall, this particular item was at the top my stop smoking list.

Fancy a Smoke In The Park?

Where can you smoke these days? Not at work, that’s for sure. During the day you can see the smokers huddled around the doorways of their office blocks. It can’t be fun in the freezing cold, wind and rain. And it is only going to get more restrictive. Many towns and cities are introducing smoking bans in their parks and municipal areas. People are becoming less tolerant of smokers and are more willing to criticise your habit to your face especially now that second hand smoke is also considered a health hazard. On my list: “The social pariah effect”.

Smelly Smokers

The smell: Is there anyone out there who actually likes the smell of cigarette smoke? Stale smoke is even worse. It clings to your hair and clothes and worst of all, your breath. Few smokers actually realise how bad their breath smells after they have smoked a cigarette.

Stop Smoking

This is turning into quite a long list and to be fair I can’t actually remember all the items committed to my stop smoking list; it’s been a while since I quit. By the time you have taken it out of your pocket and read it through you would have forgotten that you wanted a cigarette. Well not quite, but at least it’s a start and anything, and I mean anything, that helps to stop smoking is worth a try.