Creative Mini-Album Scrapbooking Ideas for Thanksgiving

With all the family members and fluster surrounding Thanksgiving, scrapbooking might be the last thing on your mind. But even if you don’t have time to scrapbook, make time to take photos and jot a few notes. And then after everything has returned to normal (some time in 2011!), you can create some fun mini-albums based on the work you did now. Here are some fun mini-album ideas to get you energized:

1. I Am Thankful for… Have all your family members and guests at Thanksgiving dinner tell you what they’re thankful for — or better yet, have them write it on a small square of cardstock and add it directly to the album pages. Adding their own handwriting to the pages will enhance the personality of each page. flexitarian

2. Thanksgiving Recipes. Have each person who contributes a dish to your Thanksgiving dinner write up the recipe. Take a picture of them with their special menu item, and add their photo to the page with their recipe. This is a great record to add to over the years, and to pass around the family for each new Thanksgiving host.

3. Last Year’s Highlights. At Thanksgiving dinner, go around the table and ask for the family’s highlights. Appoint one person to be the recorder and write down the responses. Make sure to get a photo of each person in attendance, and you’ve got a ready-made album!

4. I Wish For… The holiday season is a time of miracles. Share your hopes and wishes, big and small, and record them to scrapbook later. Then next year when everyone is together again, review your entries and see what wishes have come true, what’s changed, and what your new hopes are for the coming year.

5. Every Year We… Traditions can be so ingrained that we forget to even write them down. We think they’ll never change, or at least we’ll never forget. Time and people change, though, so it’s best to write down all your favorite traditions now, while they’re fresh. This is another album that’s fun to add to over the years.

Once you’ve got the photos and journaling, you’re more than halfway done! Pull out coordinating harvest-colored cardstock, patterned paper, and embellishments, and go to town. Make it easy on yourself and come up with a single design, and replicate it on each page, changing up the photo, journaling, and patterned paper. This creates unity throughout the album and saves you time — a win-win, indeed!