Clear Out Your Clutter! Feng Shui Your House!

I count myself among the millions who are craving space and serenity in my living quarters. I suppose the unstable economy of the past few years is what has underscored in me a deeper-than-ever gratitude for having a home to call my own. From that gratitude has emerged the desire to live in every inch of my space. An ongoing project under my roof has involved pitching out, eliminating, editing, removing anything I had been “storing for the future”, or keeping “because it’s too good to let go”. If I’m not using it, someone else can. What I need most is space. Whenever I mention this urge to friends and colleagues I hear a chorus of enthusiastic endorsement.

Begin Now to Clear Out Your Clutter.

Everyone seems to be in the process of simplifying.

The older folks just want to get out from under the burden of homes that are too big, possessions that have been accumulating for decades. In many cases, the objects which once thrilled them no longer do.

Their grown children already have the “less is more” mindset. It seems to be a sign of our times. Their approach to home design is simple and modern. Their passion is not sterling flatware, it is technology.

This new consciousness has manifested itself in the “Green Movement”. We are all acutely aware of the preciousness of Mother Earth and her treasures. There is a new shared respect for her beauty and resources. We are Trying in our own individual ways to apply sustainable solutions, healthy for the earth, and healthy for ourselves, in our everyday needs.

As a designer, line, proportion, color, and quality will always be important to me. But, more than ever, I find space to be the most luxurious commodity in a home. We are paying so much for our real estate these days. Using our residences as glorified storage bins is truly a waste of a great blessing. Entr├╝mpelung Stuttgart

So, clear out your clutter!!

There’s a serene sense of well-being that follows a “pitching day”. Rooms come into sharp focus, and a feeling of newness prevails. Then there is the satisfaction of knowing that someone else can enjoy the items, now, that had been packed away for “someday”.

In the art of Feng Shui, it is said that one should clear space in the home to allow the free flow of energy, or “chi”. Blockages in the form of clutter congest and stop energy in its tracks, while at the same time blocking physical, financial, social and personal energies in the inhabitant, as well.

Feng Shui your house to allow more money to flow in.
Feng Shui your house to clear the path for romance.
Feng Shui your house to improve your work environment.
Feng Shui your house to improve health.

Now, go out and find a good book on the subject and Feng Shui your house. Open up those channels to greatness, and love and truth and beauty.

And may the resultant blessings be many!

~Karen S.

My sister Karen and I are veteran interiors and home product designers. We operated our award winning design studio in New York City (Manhattan) for many years. We designed a full gamut of products for the home, and had a ton of fun. We are living in Connecticut now, designing interiors and I am painting, at last! We have created our website: Shopsicle, for the purpose of bringing the best design in existence to our customers. We specialize in gifts for all occasions and accessories for the home. Come visit us and, look around, and drop us email, if you are so inclined. See you at Shopsicle! Cheers! Joan.