Archive Storage – How Secure is It?

The different forms of security for document storage

Companies who specialize in archive storage use all forms of security to protect the documents and information they are storing. Where the documents are stored they are usually in a secure area which is fire and flood / water proof which offers 24 hour CCTV and an onsite security guard to prevent theft. These forms of security are essential to protecting your documents.

Back up your back ups archive storage london

Most document storage companies offer the service of taking a digital copy of each document which means in the event of an accident such as a fire, or flood or theft you have an electronic form of all your information. Electronic form means you can have several copies in several different locations ensuring you are all backed up and you can access these back ups from anywhere with Internet connection.

Loss of data can cost thousands and even millions

Storing sensitive data such as contact information, bank account data, date of birth, passwords and so on is a very important job and must keep everything safe and secure. If this information was lost or stolen a person could potentially cause a lot of damage. You hear many stories today about identity fraud where if a person knows enough information about you they can take your identity and use your bank account details to transfer money, or use your credit cards and a lot more.