Add Photographs – Make Mothers Day Special

Mothers Day is a special day for affection and reflection. Some mothers may no longer be around, some mothers may live too far away to visit, some children may be estranged from their mother for a variety of reasons but use the day to reflect on what motherhood means to them. Many women who have had difficult relationships with their own mothers determine to ensure that their children have very close relationships with them. They are often all too aware of the importance of the bond between mother and child. Family Photographer London

Many mothers are self-effacing. They do not want their children to spend a lot of money on them and instead prefer personal gifts. A hand-made card, a picture painted in class or a bowl made in pottery will often be warmly received, more than an expensive bottle of perfume. The fact that this has been made with them in mind is the most important part of the gift.

Ensuring that a special Mothers Day gift from older children and adults hits the mark can be a challenge. Often something personal, relevant and sentimental can be perfect. Photographs in a lovely frame can be ideal gifts. A smaller framed picture can be just right to stand on a table or a mantlepiece whilst a larger portrait can be hung in pride of place on the wall.

Picking suitable subject matter can be an interesting decision. Mothers Day is about family, so growing children are a good choice, and if they live a distance away it can be lovely to have images of them growing and developing which can be regularly updated. Having a professional photograph taken can be a good investment because the composition will be right, the lighting will be good and they will get the best mix of relaxed and formal in the poses. Some photographers take their subjects on location, to a park or a beach, somewhere where they can relax and be at ease. That way good quality, natural photographs are ensured.

Family photographs are a lovely touch for Mothers Day too, as the day is all about family. The dynamics of many homes and families are subject to change, perhaps new partners, maybe with their own children added into the mix. Family photographs can remember the old and acknowledge the new. Adding a new family photograph to welcome and celebrate a new happy relationship can be an important touch on Mothers Day.

Old photographs can be re-printed perhaps with a modern look and made to look amazing. Finding an old school photograph, an early picture of mother with her brothers, sisters, parents, or even a photograph of her with Dad, or their old home can be a lovely nostalgic gesture and one that would no doubt be much appreciated.

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