10 Free Online Tools To Test Website Speed

A website that loads faster is often considered good for more visits and hence, improved search engine rankings. More so, the site’s performance depends too much on its speed. The speed must be checked regularly to give it a touch of enhanced performance and usability. It’s important to test the speed and hence, free tools must be used for the purpose. In this write up, we would discuss 10 free online tools to test a website speed.

Load Impact

Load Impact is a useful and popular free online tool to check a website speed. This tool ensures that a website is offered with sufficient information to enable the traffic. Using this tool, the checker can get a graphical data, load time information and per second request information.

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is another popular and helpful tool to test a website speed to enhance the performance. This tool offers a complete report of a website’s speed and performance in Google. Based on such detailed information, a website can easily be enhanced on the performance parameter.

Page Speed Online

Page Speed Online is a popular website testing tool from Google itself. Thus tool is bound to get good results for being A Google product. Using this tool, a website’s performance can be analyzed against a very high standard set by Google itself.


Iwebtool is another free online tool to check a website’s loading speed. Using this free tool, webmasters and users can test the speed and measure the potential of the website. More so, a good analysis and report is obtained that helps in the growth of the website.

Pingdom Tools e poodide valmistamine

Pingdom Tools is a vital website testing tool that analyzes the speed and offers a set of results. A range of reports is gained once the speed of a website is tested through this tool. This tool gives separate reports on the testing speed of images, style sheets etc. More so, this tool makes it easy to know about the load time and page size of a website.


Vertain is free online software that is extensively used for the purpose of testing a website’s speed. Besides the website, this tool also tests the serve speed to give a clear idea about the performance of a website. Using this tool, speed variations are easily tracked and a site’s overall performance is evaluated against different websites to meet the target.


Site-Perf is a free online website testing tool that is used by many users and webmasters alike. Using this tool, a site’s loading page would be known through accurate set of data and information. It tests a website speed even after taking into consideration images, CSS and different files.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization is a free online tool to test a website speed to enhance its performance. Using this tool, a website’s page tome and download time could be easily known. Once the URL of a website is entered, the tool processes all information to fetch the complete loading speed.

Web Page Test

Web Page Test is another popular tool to check the loading speed of a website. Using this too, a website’s performance can be boosted through its improvement in the loading speed. This tool ensures that the loading test is carried out from multiple locations from across the globe.

Show Slow

Show Slow is a wonderful tool to test a website’s speed to help in its performance enhancement. The best part of this tool is its public display of results and analysis done for each of the URLs. It means nothing remains hidden when this tool shows results and everyone can have the access of this fact.