Use Internet Phone Service to make cheap calls worldwide

There are many internet phone users who switched from landline phone but they were disappointed to hear the voice quality of phone. Most of the internet phone users blame of the VoIP provider for the poor voice quality but the phone service provider may or may not be the reason behind inferior call quality. Let us have a look at some reasons which reduce the internet phone voice quality.

Data packet losses

Many times your internet connection starts getting a lot of data and at times it is not able to handle all the data packets that it receives. This is the time when your internet connection starts dropping packets. When you are making a phone call at this time, you will start hearing echo in your phone calls. If the data loss is insignificantly low, then you might not be able to feel any difference at all. Big VoIP providers like Packet 8 and Axvoice control these kinds of issues so that the call quality does not get affected at all. It depends a lot on your internet phone service what it is really doing to control the data packet loss issue. If you have a caring company that is really concerned about the call quality, then you might never know about this problem. Otherwise, your calling experience might get seriously jeopardized because of the poor call quality. google voice for business

Lower bandwidth problems

The other common issue that often goes unnoticed is the bandwidth problem. Many times we do not notice that the internet connection speed is very low. Therefore, when we use internet simultaneously for the internet phone service as well as for other purposes, the internet phone’s call quality gets seriously affected. This is one other important reason why people fail to understand that why the internet phone service is not functioning properly. One of the best ways to preempt this problem from happening is by talking to your internet phone service provider directly. Ask the type of internet connection which would suffice for smoothly running your VoIP phone service.

Latency problem

This type of problem specifically occurs for longer distance phone calls. When we talk, all the voice is converted into data packets, and then these data packets travel to longer distances depending on the destination of the phone call. During this travelling, these data packets pass through different types of networks with varying data carrying abilities. This difference in data carrying ability results in echoes and other voice related problems. Good VoIP services however take care of this type of issues.

Network hosting issues

Not all hosted VoIP networks have the same capabilities. If your internet phone service provider has good infrastructure then obviously, you won’t have any of the network hosting issues but if the infrastructure is of poor quality, all your phone calls will suffer greatly.

Sound delays

There are times when we hear sound delays, also known as jitter. This is one of the most neglected problems by VoIP service providers. The reason which causes this jitter in phone calls is the wrong timing of receiving of voice data packets. System irregularities are the main cause of this problem.