TEFL Courses

Teaching English Abroad – TEFL Courses (Teach English as foreign language)

Do you speak fluent English? Do you like the idea of travelling the world, learning new cultures, working and paying for your trip at the same time? If the answer is yes, then a TEFL Course could be the ideal course for you.

You can choose to either train online with an Online TEFL Course or attend Classroom led Courses which are available throughout the UK. Courses are aimed at anyone from College leavers, University Leavers, GAP year students, those taking a career break or even people who are retired. The upper age limit is not a consideration when it comes to TEFL – the only prerequisite is that you can speak English and want to travel the world teaching English to others. The best part of taking a TEFL course is that no previous qualifications are required! tefl course online

TEFL courses can appeal to many people. Don’t be fooled into thinking that courses are only for young people who want to travel and see the world while making some money to pay their way. Older and more mature candidates are welcome and prove to be very popular. Throughout life situations arise such as redundancy which creates the ideal opportunity to take a time out of the normal 9 to 5 office job. It might be that you need a career change and haven’t quite decided on the right career path and need to take some time out to decide. So if you’re considering visiting Thailand, Japan, South America, Africa, China, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Poland, or many other countries and think working as part of your travel plans is right for you, consider a TEFL Course. Why not do some research today and plan where you would like to visit, make some enquiries, take the course, pack your bags and start your working holiday, it’s as easy as that!

In the unlikely event that you are still undecided about taking a TEFL course, there are FREE online TEFL taster courses available online, it will take you through a few questions, assess your answers and help decide whether a TEFL is right for you or not. This is a free service so there is no outlay or risk.

If you have decided a TEFL course is for you the first thing to do is choose which course is right for you. There are various different courses, starting from absolute beginner to the very advanced seasoned TEFL traveller. The online TEFL training course is quick and easy for those preferring to study from home, however if you prefer to work in a classroom, there are many training facilities up and down the country offering local training facilities.