Ringtones – Check Out the 3 Kinds of Ringtones

The term ringtone is the sound file that is being played by a mobile or cellular phone. Ringtones are created to give a unique ring to a mobile phone so that it can be tell apart in a surrounding that has lots of mobile phone users. All these mobile tones are melodious which expresses an incoming message or call. You can also personalize these mobile tones. Most of the new models of phones have the capacity to make your own

There are many corporations that create and sell ringtones, mostly through the internet. The sale of ringtones has not only increased the cell phone sales but the bottom lines of recording companies through royalty earnings as well. There are three kinds of ringtones namely: monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones and music or true tones. sad ringtones

Monophonic mobile phone ringtones are simple and are compatible with almost all of the cell phones in use. It composes of a basic sequence of tones at changing frequencies. Polyphonic ringtones are played on mobile phones which has the capability of playing of 16 tones at the same time. The combination of these mobile tones produces a harmonic melody. Polyphonic ringtones are more musical and have better good sound quality than a monophonic ringtone. New models of mobile phones support polyphonic ringtones.

The last type of ringtones is what we call music tones or true tones which are often called as real tones or voice tones. They are called voice tones because they use original sound of the music together with the lyrics. They also have different format, namely: WMA, MP3, Wav and many more. These new improved feature of cell phones are being installed mostly to all new models by the manufacturers.

You can search different websites that offer ringtones for free and you can download these tones directly to your cell phone. Make sure that the ringtone you chose is compatible to your phone model before you make any downloads. All the creators of these ringtones have the royalty which gives them the right to use the ringtone, so you must also consider checking if the website has all the legal rights to distribute such tones.