Privacy Apps For iPhone Review

Some of the privacy apps for iPhone really help to keep certain content on your iPhone private, even when you may have prying eyes or unauthorized use. To secure your pictures, Picture Safe (HiDef) by Collect3 is a must have. This app is password protected and enables you to separate, group and organize your pictures, plus a ton of other great features. They also have a version for videos and pictures called Video Safe. This has everything that the Picture Safe comes with, plus the ability to secure videos. A true two in one app! Another iPhone privacy app is Stash Pro by Hedonic Software. This offers secure private photos, videos, documents and web browsing. If you are looking for securing more than just pictures and videos, then this privacy app is for you. Securely view and store private spy gps tracker android documents and when browsing the web, surf without ever leaving a trail. This iPhone app is for the truly private person. If you are looking to secure all your passwords and personal data such as credit card numbers and bank account information, then Keeper Password & Data Vault by Callpod Inc will do just that. It will securely store all your passwords and personal data. It will ever generate passwords for websites and remember them for you. This is a great iPhone app to keep all that sensitive information in one place. This last iPhone privacy app is a must have if the unthinkable happens and you lose your iPhone. The Find My iPhone app by Apple is a great way to find it again, even if you just misplaced it. There are two ways of doing this. Install Find My iPhone app on an iOS device like iPad, iPod or another iPhone, login and locate your iPhone. You can also login to the Mobile Me website as well. Once logged in, you can remotely send a message to your phone, play a sound at full volume, set a passcode lock or completely wipe all your data from it. So in the case it was stolen, the thief wouldn’t have access to any of your personal information or contacts.