Different Kinds of Installment Loans

More Than One
Installment loans are commonplace in today’s society. They are used to acquire things that would otherwise require more time to save up for, and may no longer be timely after doing so. With loans like these, a person can borrow money to serve some purpose, and pay it back part by part with interest as payment for the service. Since there are so many things that require money and consequently loans, many different types of loans have developed. To illustrate some of the purposes and types of installment loans, here are a few short stories.

Close To Home
Joan is a single mother, who works to support herself and her young daughter. Though her job does allow them to live comfortably, they have little money for luxuries. Joan loves her daughter very much, and would like to celebrate her child’s tenth birthday with something special. She takes out a small personal installment loan, which she plans to finish paying off in a month or two. With the money, she proceeds to organize a birthday party for her dearest child, who could not have been happier. Loans can be personal things, used for special occasions, small and quick to pay off.  https://slickcashloan.com/

Get Well Soon
Michael is a worker at a chemical plant. Since they work with explosive gases and corrosive fluids in the workplace, he is always careful and watchful of his surroundings. Even so, there are things beyond his control. One night, while on an overtime shift, Michael is working near one of the natural gas storage tanks. Unbeknownst to him, an earthquake earlier in the day has shifted the tank just enough to cause it to leak at the pipe joints. That same quake dislodged some electrical connections, leading to a short circuit in one of the lights. By the time Michael notices something is wrong, he is too late. The blast of the exploding gas knocks him away, and he lands badly. While he escapes being burned, he is hospitalized for broken bones. Lacking money, he decides to take out a loan to cover his hospital bills. Loans are useful in emergencies that require a quick infusion of money.

Renewed Hope
Jen is a an aspiring writer, but her lack of schooling prevents her from getting a decent job which will allow her to devote more time to writing. When he finishes her novel, she realizes that getting it published would not be an easy task. She is disappointed, but realizes there is still something she could do about it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, she applies for an installment loan at a bank, even if she might spend the next decade paying for it. With the money she borrows, she goes to a local publishing company and gets her novel edited and printed. She goes around local bookstores in her free time, and talks some of them into selling her books for her. Soon, her books are out of stock and still in great demand. The attention she receives from the local reading public is noticed by a major publishing company, who then agrees to publish her book for national distribution. Jen makes it to the big time, and she continues to write for a living. Loans enable us to take opportunities and improve our lives.

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