Colour – Get It Right, First Time

People generally say that a marriage has been settled in haven and is finished at the earth. It is seen that a married character is main a totally peaceful, prosper and comfy lifestyles, but many are such who’re weeping over married existence and consequent upon this tension. All those are because of mismatch and damaging compatibility.

Marital discord is a accepted problem all around the international. The motives can be many along with the inexpensive, loss of physical and mental compatibility, more-marital relationships, competitive attitudes, egocentric nature, over objectives etc.

Astrology can accurately display the bits and bobs of human existence, and consequently, can advice beneficially. Definitely, it has mammoth value, for astrology can supply genuine steering and recommendation concerning one’s marriage.

Basic Factors Responsible for Marital Discord

· Strength of ascendant

· Moon—revels the goals of human mind

· Venus—revels sexual appetite, love, preference, and happiness

· Mars—assists in strengthening the sexual instincts in the ease of marriage or to assist to set up sexual relationship.

· Jupiter—significator of husbands for women

· Sun/Saturn/Rahu— fiery, separative in nature

· 2d house—denotes circle of relatives

· 5th house — love affairs and marriage following sex

· 7th house— stands for romance and matrimony,

Wife/husband/regulation suits, partnerships.

Different Combination for Marital Discord

· Weakness of 2nd /7th houses due to planets gift inside the residence or the lords of residence are

1. Malefic in nature Discord bot

2. Inauspicious placement of lords

three. Combust

4. Debilitated

five. Are in infancy or antique -age state

6. Afflicted through functional malefic nodes [Rahu/Ketu]

7. Sandwiched among malefic planets

· 2d /7th houses or their lords stricken via the separative planet like Sun/Saturn/Rahu.

· 6/eight placement of 1st/seventh lords—separation/divorce/wreck of settlement.

· If lords of 1st/ seventh/2nd and Venus are occupying negative homes/combust/debilitated/in enemy signal misfortune will manifest after marriage.

· Venus and Mercury in seventh residence make someone of loose morals and drag to have greater marital relations.

· Mars while debilitated and forming courting with 1st/7th homes or their lords, make the individual competitive and ill tempered.

· Node or Rahu/Ketu becoming a member of intently Mars makes native/partner stray and that will become the motives for the discord.

· The ascendant/Moon of husband/spouse in inimical signs and symptoms sows the seeds of inharmonious relations.

· Afflicted or weak Jupiter indicates selfish nature of married companion.

· 6/eight placement of Venus and Moon denotes disputes in love and marriage.

· Aspect of as a minimum retrograde planets on 1st/7th homes/lords.

· Saturn and Rahu/Mars and Rahu/Sun and Mars combos afflicts 1st/7th denotes disputes and discords.

· 8th/12th lords occupy 3rd residence, and 7th house with nods/malefic planets, divorce or separation takes area.