7 Benefits Of Karate For Kids

Karate for kids has many amazing benefits, both mental and physical. The information below outlines seven of the best benefits of this time-honored skill.


    1. Helps To Build Self-Confidence- It is often noticed by parents, teachers, and other adults that as children progress and become more skilled at karate, they exhibit more self-confidence. Beginning karate students begin with a white belt and then progress through various belt colors as their skills improve, finally becoming a black belt. Each new level requires hard work and diligence but the goals are definitely obtainable. The change of belt color serves as a constant reminder of their accomplishment and gives them the self-confidence and self-esteem to advance even further in karate and in other areas of their life as well.


    1. It Is a Deterrent To Bullies – One of the biggest social challenges our children face today is dealing bullies. While bullies have always been around, the problem seems to have gotten much worse over the past decade. Karate gives a child an empowering feeling since they will know they can protect themselves if they absolutely need too. More importantly perhaps, karate helps give them the confidence to deal more effectively with bullies. Also, when it becomes known that a kid excels in karate, they are more respected by other kids and less likely to get picked on.


    1. This Is the Perfect For ADHD Kids – Kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have trouble concentrating on any task, mental or physical, for long. They often also have trouble with self-control. Lecturing ADHD kids about these deficits has little to no effect. Punishing children with ADHD often makes them even more unruly and less able to focus on their homework and other tasks because they simply don’t know how to deal with their problem. Karate is a fun and effective way to get them to learn how to focus and channel their extra energy into constructive tasks. Best karate classes Las Vegas


    1. This Skill Teaches Respect and Honor – It is traditional for karate students to bow to their instructor at the beginning of every lesson. It is also traditional for karate students to bow to their worthy opponent. Respect and honor is an integral part of this art form and students are taught to never use their karate for anything that is not honorable. Furthermore, karate does not focus on winning but rather on self-improvement and becoming a more honorable person.


    1. Helps Them Make New Friends – When children share a common interest and participate in a mutual activity, they usually find it easier to bond. This is especially true for shy kids who may have trouble making new friends. Karate helps improve socialization skills too. Karate exercises like jiu jitsu require that kids pair off to practice and this gives these children a common task where they are required to help each other. As they pair off with different partners, new friendships are often forged.


  1. Improves Their Ability To Listen and Take Instruction – Little ones often resist instruction as they are growing up. They don’t always listen well and they don’t follow instructions well. Learning how to be humble and learn from those more experienced than you are is an important lesson that karate teaches students. Further, because children enjoy karate, they are highly motivated to improve so they tend to listen more closely and follow instructions more precisely. This spills over to listening better to parents and teachers because they are also taught to have respect for the wisdom more experienced people have to offer.